Our Growers

Louis Linn
Chief Tree Officer

Louis Linn, a haiku:

Louis makes the trees;
The trees grow and grow and grow;
Great trees for your yard. 

Tom Throgmorton
Giver of advice via soothing and seductive tones

Regular listeners of Northern Colorado radio certainly have heard the horticultural advice ladled out mornings by Tom Throgmorton in his soothing and seductive tones. Tom is now featured on In the Garden on KRFC-FM.

But it's a special style of speech, confesses the man behind the voice, which sounds decidedly less smooth after a hard day's work. "That voice is what happens between 5 and 6 in the morning with a cup of coffee," he explains.

Throgmorton allows that the image his syrupy voice evokes may likewise be misleading. He recalled recently meeting one disappointed Steamboat Springs listener who expected someone older and taller.